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Keg War, a local multiplayer game mixed with tic-tac-toe and RPG elements! With 6
different characters, 3 possible win scenarios per stage, strategy is a key figure in Keg War.
Your role? Try to make a line of 3 elements, while making sure that your opponent isn't quicker
than you.
Keg War is endless fun for all who love strategy games!

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Install instructions

To play the game:

1 - Download and Unzip the folder.

2 - Run "KegWar_PC" application.

3 - Enjoy!


KegWarPC_V1.0.1.zip 51 MB

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Development log


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Força, Portugal!

Obrigado pelo apoio! 

Hey this is very cool game to play with someone, great job!

Keep up the great work :)